Cargo from all reaches of the country, via rail, truck and barge, converge at the Port of Louisville, located at mile 618 on the Ohio river system.

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The Port

Situated on over 300-acres, the Port of Louisville provides a critical link for producers and users of commodities and goods, by means of intermodal transportation connections. The Port of Louisville provides fast and effecient access to all markets both domestic and worldwide.

Louisville's  Premier  Riverport

Providing full port services to the Ohio River systems

Located on the Ohio River at mile 618, just 16 miles downstream of the Louisville riverfront.

Port facilities include the bulk commodity transfer terminal, barge fleeting area, ground storage, 13 miles of on-site and offsite railroad track, and a general cargo dock.

The transfer terminal is designed to handle more than four million tons of dry bulk commodities a year working at the rate of 2,000 tons an hour. An entire 120-car train can be off-loaded in an eight-hour shift.

Located at Mile 618, The Port of Louisville is 1,334 miles from the gulf of Mexico, a transit time of 10 to 12 days.