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1980 Ammco Dredge with Tender - $400,000

Originally purchased in approximately 1980.  This dredge has had only two owners.  It saw very little action since mid 1990s.

The dredge is rated from 150 to 250 cubic yards per hour at discharge distances up to 3,000 ft depending on material.

Main engine is a Cat model 3408PCTA diesel engine with a continuous duty rating of 365 HP at 1800 RPM.

Auxiliary engine is a Cat 3306T diesel engine with a rating of 175 BHP at 1800 RPM.

Work as been completed on the dredge to make it MSHA ready.  The hydraulic pump has been replaced and the oil leaks have been repaired.

The 35 x 10 x 5 center section is in good condition. The two 50 x 5 x 5 side tanks have 4 water tight compartments with rear compartments on both sides used as fuel tanks with a total capacity of 5,500 gallons. They are made of stainless steel and are in excellent shape.

The tender boat was vastly improved and has had pontoons attached to the boat.   A new hydraulic pump has been installed for the rudder control.

Weights and Dimensions

Width   Length   Depth

Dry Weights

Hull Center Section

10   35   5


Control Room

9   8   7


Hull Side

5   50   5


Ladder Assembly

9.5   32   3








Spuds (each)

16   43


Assembly dry weight



Main dredge pump is Cat D-343 Turbocharged and after cooled engine rated maximum HP 420 at 2000 RPM; total continuous HP 175 at 1800 RPM

The pump is belt driven.

The shaft is 3" diameter bronzed bushed steel and runs through the water lubricated cutless bearings. A 6-blade 41" diameter cutter is driven by a hydraulic motor at 125 HP through a planetary reduction gear.

Most of this information is from the AMMCO brochure.  Everyone tells me this is an excellent machine.